Architecture: an apartment reinvented

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At leagues planned developments in the traditional real estate projects, where the wood is often in the spotlight, inspiring space of 800 square feet, while concrete and aluminum is the result of four years of work led by the architect Jean-Maxime Labrecque.

The bespoke furniture apartment in the heart of the tone. Designed by the architect himself, multifunctional furniture inspiration Judd composed entirely of raw aluminum responds according to module assembly, all the functions of the house: bed, walk-in closet, library, sofa, desk , stools, kitchen and storage.

What is more imcroyable furnished apartment, located in Montreal with this is the fact that there is plenty of space in each room. Design lovers will love this concept.

This "Living Sculpture" was twice winning the Grand Design Award 2011.

furniture design

Alongside his activities Achitecte, Jean-Maxime Labrecque working to design a collection of furniture that the first prototypes were unveiled last fall.

jeudi 07 février 2013 17:12

10 tips for small apartments

Blog de camsuites :Apartments style and furnished, 10 tips for small apartments

It may seem simple and obvious, but it has some important things to do for your small apartment is pleasant:

  1. Keep your apartment every day at least 10 minutes. When a large apartment is a little crowded, it does not matter, when a is small, it is immediately and clutter the space seems small.
  2. Invest in quality furniture. While it's easy to say, but think about it: You have less than a large apartment. The investment is worth it, it will be a more important value for your small space, and you'll see that furniture quality, life seems easier! They will bring you satisfaction a practical point of view, aesthetic and you will want to take even more care of your space.
  3. Clear to maximum floor space, using furniture supendus or take up space so vertical.
  4. Clean your floors and your windows regularly, the reflection of light will give the feeling of more space so more airy.
  5. Illuminate your parts well, especially the living room: put different lights at different heights to give more depth to your rooms.Remove the door more possible, or put into sliding
  6. Think versatile. Your furniture should have dual function, it is convenient to live and it takes up less space.
  7. Buy only if you really need. Everything must have its place, no more, no less. Start with the essentials: bed, sofa, table ... and fill in the rest according to your needs.
  8. Gather all your books if possible, dvds, cd to a location of your room. Choose furniture easily moved: light or roller A few well-placed mirrors expand the space. The well-designed pieces of furniture are really a big plus in a small space
  9. Choose an extendable table, or a table that will serve at the same time office
  10. Be creative, because rules are made to be circumvented!

vendredi 09 novembre 2012 21:04

Apartment tour: user manual!

Blog de camsuites :Apartments style and furnished, Apartment tour: user manual!

A tour of apartment: it's very fast and must be prepared! To be sure I visit and ask any questions during your visit: follow our advice!

First you must obtain an appointment! Or by calling the owner of the apartment is through a real estate agent or sometimes the owner sets the date and time of visits directly in the ad. Be on time: arriving late pass it ahead of other candidates or annoy the owner (lessor) or representative agency. In the end it is they who will choose the tenant: you must make a good impression for making appointment to visit!

For each visit, write or evaluate these points:

  1. Before the visit: the study area. Look on a plane where the street is located, check the transportation options and go around the neighborhood: shopping, bars, restaurants, terminals Velib 'parking ... evaluate whether you will delight in the neighborhood!
  2. The building: the exterior and common areasDoor, answering device? Guardian? Entry, mailboxes, stairs, hallway, elevator courtyard ... If business premises on the ground floor, learn about their business. Pharmacy open 24/24? fast or strong-smelling? We must try to guess the possible nuisance ...
  3. In the apartment, go further than the first impression Keep your cool, the first impression is good or bad, we must look at everything. Imagine your furniture in place. Listen and watch. Open and close the doors and windows. Light, noise, heat must be taken into consideration. Watch the humidity in the kitchen or bathroom.

Checklist in the apartment ask all these questions when visiting the apartment

  • Gateway: solidity, security, thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Windows: open all windows to test their operation and quality.
  • Piping: Test faucets, look under the sink and the sink if there is no evidence of abnormal moisture.
  • Heating: central or individual? quality electric heaters?
  • Electricity: existence of an electrical panel (circuit breaker, fuse), number and location of power outlets, type of lighting fixed.
  • Internet antennas and wiring, TV sockets, type of antenna (terrestrial, satellite dish, cable ...) phone jacks. Your laptop has he the network?
  • Paintings, wallpapers: clean.
  • Light: ask the exhibition, the moral needs sun (solar orientation: = ideal south facing, but beware of very hot summer, and even better: double exposure)
  • Insulation: to avoid cold and save energy (check the doors and windows)
  • Washroom: nature and condition of the water heater, state of the shower or tub.
  • Kitchen: cooking appliances, gas cooking? Refrigerator (or possibility to install), sink.
  • Soil: nature and condition.
  • Storage: closets, cellars ... ultra important to put things Blog de camsuites : Apartments style and furnished, Apartment tour: user manual!

If you can make visits in the afternoon is better: to be able to judge the noise from neighbors or see the light in the apartment when you get there the most. The ideal is to visit the apartment several times at different times of the day.

At the end of the visit if you are interested, give immediately the owner your file that you have prepared in advance (photocopy of your passport, payslips, proof of address for the guarantor information deposit, etc ...) are claiming rent, the deposit, the expense, electricity bills from previous tenants ...
So you do not waste time and immediately you show your willingness and interest to the owner ... if you change your mind later you can always retract a few days later.

vendredi 09 novembre 2012 20:58

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